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      Today Is Wonderful 😛 Mikey is Apart Of The Babys Life He is so excited i am to. i got a doctors appointment thursday february 10,2011. We are going see if everything is okay and how far we are 😉 i cant wait until he/she gets here i still got a ways to go but i never been so excited in my life! last night i was soo sick i dont get morning sickness i get night sickness lol and mikey called me this morning to make my day perfict, and hes getting my morning sickness too i just laughed at him. knowing im not going threw this alone and i got him makes me soo happy! i never knew life could be this great! i really hope our baby haves a wonderful life a life that me and mikey never had we both come from a broken family and we dont want our baby to be raised like that! i thought people would be upset about this but both of our families are excited. even tho he’s much older then me 8 years apart! wow. but he is going to be the perfict father 🙂

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