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      I got cheated on June 6th and its only the end of the month that ive went on one date. I felt we clicked really well but im staying single to see what im missing and seeing how many different types there are for me. But the ex has aid if he dies i get 300, 000 bucks since i get his money from his account. I still feel a slight connection to my ex but just as a friend. I wanna go on a second date with the new guy but im afraid when hes shipped out hell cheat on me if we ever get serious. By the way hes shipping in october for boot camp in marines.


        Every guy is different. I just got engaded to my boyfriend of 3 years but before I went out with him I got cheated on more than once. I was so afriad that my fiance(cavin) would cheat on me. I didn’t give him the chance he needed cause I was too afraid of getting hurt. I have now realized I should have given him the chance he needed to begin with cause every guy is different. Now what I think you should do. I think you should tell your ex that you still want to be his friend but those are the only feelings you have for him. I think you should go on more dates and see who else you connect with but still keep in contact with the guy you already went on a date with so when you feel like getting in a relationship and hes the one you want to be with hes still right there.


          well dont let your last man keep you from trusting again n having your own life go out again i wouldnt let myself get a total connection with him but a few dates arent going to hurt it will keep your mind off your x n youll be having fun trust again not all men are jerks go out n have a good time good luck


            Hey there…first I don’t know how long you were in a relationship with the guy that cheated..but…I wouldn’t jump back into a new one just yet and waiting around for your ex to die to get money is not a very good reason to go back to a cheater…you might end up with 300 grand one day but maybe you will have AIDS or some other disease by then from his cheating and 300 grand doesn’t go far with those types of medical expenses…I know that you have been through so much with losing your baby and the ability to have more I really feel for you and want you to experience healing from hurt and bitterness…I really recommend taking some you time…figure out what you want in life…find out who you are before trying to figure out who you want to be with and why…do you have any girl friends to have ladies nights with??? maybe get together with your family once a week for game night??? that would be the ideal place to go on a date with someone that you are unsure about…bring him to your family and ask their opinion…if you have the fear of being cheated on again then please wait until you have experienced healing before you enter into the dating cycle again…you might chase off the RIGHT guy because you are not ready to trust again or you might end up putting yourself in direct line with more heartache….I am here for you and I hope this has helped a little…you deserve better than these boys…you need a real man who will love you and honor you..not just take advantage of your body and then betray you…take care and keep me updated on how things are going…Love Meg


              Im not jumping in any yet so far. I felt a strong connection to the guy but in not gonna rush anything. Plus knowing my last experience even after i heal ive lost some trust in military men. Not gonna wait around for the ex, his letter said id get 300,000 bucks if he died but hes most likely blowing steam up my a**. But ends up new guy is just out of a relationship too, i was in my previous for a one year and two months.


                Well I’m glad you are not rushing things and I’m glad that you can see through the ex…but just take it slow…k…let these guys take you to a nice dinner or to a movie..its ok to be treated to a nice evening, just don’t let them take advantage of your body…put these guys to the test…if they really like you and want to have a relationship they wont be trying to get down your pants…(well maybe) but the one who loves and respects you the most will ask for your hand before he asks to take your clothes off…you deserve the best…don’t settle…Love Meg


                  Well i dated a few more men around 10 men give or take since the breakup. I moved on from the last fast because weighing out the pros and cons, the cons wons. The marine i stuck with even though ill take the risk of anything going down at the MEPS station. Hes so amazing, hes a virgin so hes waiting for the right women and time. He trusts me completely as he does me. He just simply hang out and every night im in lousiana we call. He works 3 jobs but still has enough time to spend with me. Also ill most likely join a dif branch in honor of my grandfather and he simply doesnt care, we stick through anything together. But the ex is still trying to convince me to come back, aint working.

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