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      k so heres my 16 nd me nd my bf hav startd tryin 4 a baby..fing is i fink i myt alredy b pregnant buh im not sure bcoz iv bin havin my period buh they hav been a day shorter nd lighter den usual..also i am on the pill (microgynon) buh i havnt tken 1 since bwt sunday its nw nt meant 2 come on at least a week nd a half buh i found blood in my knickers 2day xcept it wernt reli blood it was srt of a light browny colour (sorry 4 da xtreme facts lol)..wen wuld b a gd tym 2 do a test?..nehoo..ne1 hu culd help me out i wuld reli appreciate it 🙂 fnx xxx


        I hope you can hear my heart behind what I am going to say. You are 16 and trying for a baby with your boyfriend….that is so irresponsible. If you are really trying why are you still on the pill…you are not being very mature. You have been having a period and you still think you are preg just because it is one day shorter than usual…. not a very good sign of pregnancy. I have been in relationships with guys for 3 years at a time..thought I was sooooo in love, I have been pregnant twice and I thought I was going to have "a happy family" You are only 16 you have so many things in your life that will change in the next couple of years you may not love this guy your with next week. He may not love you next week. When you finish school and enter into reality (job..bills…responibility) you might look back and say "why would I want a kid at 16 with THAT guy…what was I thinking"….If you are a strong enough girl choose to remain abstinent untill your married….but PLEASE dont try for a baby…Use your head and make choices that will give you a better life to bring a baby into later down the road…. I know from experience I had 2 from 2 dads and was sexually active for 10 yrs before I made the right choice. I remained abstinent for 3 1/2 yrs untill my wedding night…..You can do it too…..Love Meg


          heya, can i just ask, if your trying for a baby how come u are still taking your pill? im on the same pill as you, and if you stop taking your pill like half way threw the packet it can sometimes make you bleed, if u want to try for a baby, stop taking your pill and let your hormones get back to normal. if you need any help on when your fertile days are and stuff just let me no and il be here to help you.o yes and i dont think a test will show up but if you go to the doctors and get a blood test that should luv xbethx


            I would be very careful here. I used to be on that formof pill. If you stop taking it half way through the cycle you will have a period. You are also messing with your cycle doing that. If you really want a baby, i won’t argue that fact that your only 16, that is totaly your choice. If you get pregnant while you are on the pill, you are more likely to have a bad pregnancy (i don’t mean bad to the baby, im mean to your self) This is because your hormones are at a wired level while your on the pill then getting pregnant on top of that can make your experience a lot worse, If you want to get pregnant you are in reality susposed to stop taking your pill and leave it for 3 months until the pill is definately out of your system. All the best and good luck, keep us informed. Jen x


              Honey. You are 16. I am 17 and would not wish a baby on anyone who does not have financial support and a loving husband and their own home to back them up. I hope you are not pregnant, and that you would know that a baby at that age is not something you want. I admit that I love my baby and I’ve only had her for a couple of weeks! But I have to get up every four hours during the night to feed her, burp her, change her diaper, rock her when she get’s fussy… and all of that stuff. Babies are expensive, I have already spent 700 dollars this month for her and that is NOT including the hospital and delivery stay! Think about it hon. It’s not something you want at your age. Wait until you are married. I have a loving boyfriend beside me, but he may not always be there. If you aren’t pregnant, stop having sex period. Birth control isn’t always 100 percent effective. Please think about it.

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