cud i b? plz read!!!!

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      hey ppls, well im 17 and think i mite b pregnant, if i am i wud hav conceived early not sure if this is in my head.i always think im pregnant cos i want to bring a baby into this world so bad. normally ithink i am cos im tired.but i have read the symptons women may have and i have a tired all d time, i feel drained, dizzy, sensitive breasts, strong sence of smell, moody and feel im not big so its so noticable if any inch of fat reaches my body and my stomach has gotten r little lump.i jus wana kno if i cud b pregnant n if any one had r blown up stomache as early as 2weeks..plz get bak, also my my stomach moves side to side,it freaks me out.


        I had my first child at 17a boy and it was hard work but the best thing i have ever done im my life i live for my children i also have a daughter. My sons 6 now and my daughters 3 time flys buy. It does sound like you have got all the symptoms of pregnancy your stomach will proberly be bloated even from 2 weeks because your bowl and bladder is being squashed by everthing. Its not the baby thats making your tummy stick out at this stage but your bowls. I was just woundering why you have such a huge desire to have a baby at your age? Its not all glamorus like young girls think it can be really hard work. I used to sit in with my baby and wish that i could go out and do all the things that other people my age are doing and also be able to have the money to do these things because children take a lot of your money there so expensive and it hard to be able to get the things that you would normally get because you no longer come first anymore. Also what does your partner think i dont no if i would have coped if i didnt have my partner by my side all the way.


          hun if u r preg and ur tummy is moving already that would mean ur WAY farther then u think (like 5 months or so)….


            hi, i know im only 17 but i do kno that having a baby isnt all good.i am aware there r hard times as well.i was by both of my sisters sides through there pregnancies and c them nearly everyday so i do know wat to bf has a very good paying full time job.we r very close and cannot imagine life without each bf has always told me if i ever fall pregnant he will be 100% commited to me and as father to the baby till the day he not the kinda person who has r baby cos there cute wen there lil or anythin like that.i like them wen there lil but enjoy children more wen there older.u can talk to them play with them and its more of a challange, not just watching your baby sleep..the only thing ill b scared about is labour b’cos im small, i feel inside im pregnant and like i said labour is on my mind now n im scared.

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