Creepy Cousin???

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      ok, yesterday I saw my cousin. big deal right? well as I was leaving instead of just giving me a quick hug like usual he gave me a long really tight hug that seemed a little creepy. :huh: I don’t know if it was anything or if I’m just imagining it, but I’m not the type that likes to be given squishy hugs by my cousins.
      He also has been talking to me in a low voice as if he’s saying something private when we’re just chatting. :dry:
      Him and his wife invited me to come to their house for an afternoon and I basically said that I would go. Do you think that I am in any danger from him at all?
      Maybe I’m just imagining this, but that hug was really strange. Any advice?
      Oh yeah, and our family always hugs each other goodbye when we leave, can you think of anyway that I can avoid this without being rude?


        Well I guess you are really the only one to answer that. I know I always give a hug and a kiss on the cheek and sometimes I will hug a little tighter. Just depends on my mood really. However none of my cousins live by me so I don’t see them often. For me if I am in a good mood I am more likely to give a nice big hug just as an I love you type of thing (to my family only of course).


          I would not go if I were you. You need to trust your feelings. Not going is playing it safe. You have nothing to lose, but if you go and something does happen you will kick yourself. Don’t go.


            Always trust your gut feeling, it’s a problem with us women, we don’t wanna appear rude, so we walk into a situation that feels wrong/ uncomfy just so we don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Play it safe and follow yr instincts.


              Maybe you should mention to him that it made you uncomfortable? I know exactly how you feel about the hugging thing. I’m not comfortable with hugs like that, either, and I know that I can get a little carried away with the meaning of a hug. I would trust your feelings, though, because many women don’t and end up in a bad situation. But bring it to his attention! Maybe he meant nothing by it, or maybe he did.


                Thanks for your replies, girls! 🙂 They were very helpful!
                I decided that I would only go for two hours instead of the full day, and that I would stick close to his wife. Thankfully they live in a condo so it’s pretty small and there’s like no privacy.
                You are so right, I sooo do not want to be rude that I take unnecessary chances. I just don’t know how to change that.


                  You gotta learn to be assertive:) You can stand up for yourself without being rude. Tell him that even though you know he means you no harm, it makes you uncomfortable and you’d like him to stop…
                  Stay safe


                    How did it go.
                    At least his wife was there if anything did happen. Just be VERY cautious.


                      It went well, I’m still not sure if I was reading into the hugs and the quiet talking or not, but nothing bad happened and I mostly visited with his wife. Thanks for asking 🙂

                      Thanks for the ideas Evangeline! 🙂

                      I’m being more careful around him, but it seems to change from time to time whether I feel uncomfortable around him or not. Who knows.

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