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      [i]Hi everyone, I’ve been active on this site before a while ago but I have since deleted my account. I made a new one recently as I have some questions regarding pregnancy and cycles.

      From Christmas-end of January I was working seven days a week and I did not have a lot of time for myself. I lost a couple of kilos but they well and truly tipped me into the underweight category. My cycle is usually thirty five days but this time it was super light with no cramps and lasted three days. It was so light that I could have used a simple pantie liner for the whole time. (Sorry, TMI.) Two weeks after that, it seemed like my ‘proper period’ arrived. Normal. Phew. I began assuming that I had a twenty eight day cycle again.

      Two weeks after that, I ended up having unprotected sex. I miscounted the weeks. Whoops. It’s about ten days after now (ish). I went to see my friend on 5th February and I stayed there until the 8th February. It’s now the 17th February and I’m have a dull ache that is on both my left and right side. It feels different from period pains but I still have that same full/bloated feeling. That would be okay but it’s still a week early.

      What do you ladies think? Is this just ovulation pain because I’m still in a thirty five day cycle? Is this my period coming early? Is this a possible pregnancy sign? I honestly don’t know.[/i]


        Hi! Thanks for writing. Well anytime someone has sex, protected or unprotected, they run the risk of getting pregnant. I think the best option for you is to go to local pregnancy center, which you can find on this website, and take a pregnancy test. Womens bodies can give us mixed signals all the time, so its best to find out for sure by taking a test and getting professional help! Good luck!

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