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      ok so on the 6th of january my boyfriend had unprotected sex it was our first time and we really didnt expect it to happen well anyways now its the 10th almost 11th and for the past 2 days ive been getting cramps he pulled out but there was still pre cum do you think i could be pregnant cause my period isnt for another two weeks so i thought it was awkward and i know unprotected sex is risky but i just really need help with this subject and not getting lectured about not using protection


        well…anything is possible…have you missed your period yet? if you havnt, i would wait till you do.


          ok…so not to lecture because u seem to already know that having uprotected sex is a dumb idea….so onward….don’t worry, just wait until your period, if you don’t have it then worry about being preg..but until then just be safe and dont do anything that could harm a baby if you are preg…but like i said don’t worry….

          MR. TORRE

            hey girl! i did it on that same day and i too like you had the same feelings a few dayz after…i had really bad cramps and i got sick!!! but umm im just waiting for my rag to come and if it doesnt ill take a pregnancy test to see wuts up…but sometimes pre cum isnt enough however sumtimes it is…so you dont really…just wait a lil bit to take a test…laterz


              its confusing because i can get my period on the 19th up until the 29th so a friend said just take one in the middle of those days and see what it says and just take one if my period doesnt come the 29th because they can be wrong too so ill probably do what she told me too

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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