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      Hey everyone. I have been experiencing cramps like you would get on your period during pregnancy. Is this normal? :S


        Hey. My name is Lauren I lost my last baby! make an appointment with your obgyn as soon as you can! My stomach started cramping and before i knew it i was bleeding and later on that week I lost my baby. So don’t take anything lightly. I hope this helped. -Lauren


          having cramps during pregnancy is totally normal. your uterus is streching and that causes cramps.

          as long youre not having any bright red bleeding i wouldnt worry, and since lookin at your ultrasound pics youre 12 weeks +, i would ask your OB at your next appointment, and for now just relax and not stress about it.


            Thanks, girls! My doctor said everything appears to be alright, thank God! Thanks for the concern.


              When I was early in the pregnancy I cramped so bad I went to the ER twice in two weeks, both times crying and feeling like I was being ripped open. Then the cramping subsided and one day I spotted a tiny bit, but I was horrified. Turned out, it was all normal, my body was just adjusting and stuff, cuz at 8 weeks (it was around 5-6 weeks when I was cramping really bad), my little peanut had a heartbeat and everything:)
              So as long as your not having heavy bleeding at whatnot, I think you’ll be fine:)

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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