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      Hi, I’m Astaera and I just found out I was pregnant, but I realize I get a lot of cramps, ranging from uncomfortable to a bit painful, and sometimes it feels as if my stomach (inside) is sore. Is that normal?:(


        You need to ask your doctor. Just call their phone line and ask. If they think it is any serious, they will tell you to come on in. This happened to me in my 1st pregnancy, and everything was fine. But every pregnancy is different, so just to be safe, I would check with a doctor.


          it’s usually normal. im on my 2nd month and i had plenty of cramps the 1st. i still have some now. i was told it was my uterus stretching and making room. and i would have to moan sometimes when it hurt so bad. i think you’re alright, but i would also just ask your doctor.


            ive also got really bad cramping and backache andthey kill… but i went to have a ultrasoubd and the baby is fyn he doctor told me its the uterus stretching you should be fine hunni.. cramping in the first month is totally normall urbodies under a lot of stress right noww just try and relax.
            lots of love hannah


              I cramped alot in my first trimester,it turned out to be totally normal . Never be afraid to call and mention it to your doctor though.


                Hi guys I’ve been avoiding coming on here, just want to say thanks to you guys for answering my question. I lost my baby about 2 weeks ago, not very happy about anything. Just hope everybody else has healthy pregnancies. God bless, goodbye.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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