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      My girlfriend is having cramps from time to time…we just discovered 5 days ago that she is pregnant. She thinks it could be a sign of miscarriage, is this possible?…Keep in mind we are 43 and this was a supprise…her GYN is seeing her today


        No, usually cramping is common, as long as it is not followed by heavy bleeding or clotting. Cramping si having to do with the uterus getting prepared for baby! Lots of luck And hope this helped out some!


          All is going well so far, Now at 6 1/3 weeks and a heart beat was seen last week. In 2 weeks they will check for Down Syndrom and then we’ll take it from there. Is there ever going to be a point where I dont’ have to worry?…Thanks again for your information. She is not bleeding or anything so that is a good sign!


            Thats great to hear that they found a heart beat, i have had cramping, bleeding, since a week after i conceived and never found out i was pregnant untill i was 7weeks. I was very nervous too and had to go for an early scan to look for the heart beat, its awful worrying that theres something wrong. Gd luck to u.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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