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      I am excied and firghtened and worried and in joy. Why? … i dont know. I think i might be preg. all of my tests were neg. (at home tests) I have most or alot of the symtoms. I really want to be a mother , to hold God’s mirical in my arms; to look at the sparkling eyes of my baby. By boyfriend is skeptical. He wants a baby, but its hurting him inside to think about it because he cant stand the dissapointment of a neg. test. I feel completely sure i am preg. It seems i am beginning to show. I want a baby so much; to hear all the secrets which would lay in my baby’s eyes.:) 🙁


        hey!!! aww well the best thing i could recomend to is would be to make an appointment with your doctor and he can tell you there and then if u r!!

        best of luck to you and yours!! x


          hi there,

          Go to the docs and get a preg test done there, they are always correct.
          Good luck

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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