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      The last time i had my period was feb 28, i didnt get my period for the month of march, and i had sex march 29, which would be about the time i would get my period, but i never got it. Its been 2 weeks, and i still havent got it, but when i took a hpt, it came out negative. it seems that im showing signs that i may be pregnant. i want to go to the doctors but im afraid to tell my mom. what should i do? The symptoms im getting are, headaches, stomach pains, diarrehea (TMI sorry), exhausted and heartburn. Any help please?!


        Hi. i did a home pregancy test and it came up as negative . then did another a couple of weeks later and it came up as postive . sometimes they can we wrong . have u got a gd friends u could tell ? i thought my mum was going to go mad and be angry but she helped me threw it and asked what i wanted to do and now shes so excited about my baby ! and u can go to doctors on your own and they cant say anything to any1 else. xx

          I would say you should maybee take another over the counter test.
          If it still comes up negative and you haven’t gotten your period I would say go to the doctors.
          Even tho your mom might be pissed off at you for sometime if you are pregnant then you really need to be finding out what to do to keep the baby health and safe while in your tummy:)I’m Also thinking I’m pregnant to. and scared to death lol
        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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