Could ibe?

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      me && my b/f have been having unprotected sex alot…and just the other day i found out that he cums inside of me…&& im not on birth control. i took a test yesterday && it said negative…but i feel sick and my boobs r killing me. i also get alot of headaches and i get very bad mood swings && im always tired..could i be pregnant?? and could the test be wrong?? cuz i didnt take it in the morning so that might have sumthin 2 do wit it. thanks.


        Most hpt’s it doesnt matter what time of day you use it. Like the First Response tests it doesnt matter, but you will have the highest concentration of the preg. hormone in your first morning pee.
        As to if the test could be wrong….you may have just taken it too soon. Wait a few more days to a week and then take another one.
        Best of Luck to you!!!!


          to be sure you should wait until your period is do, and ten take the test in the morning, or go to the ob gyn and let then test you. good luck.

          gina lynn

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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