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      i was pregnant in apr but when i went to my check up @ 9 weeks i had to have a D&C b/c there was no heartbeat and in july they put me on birth control to regulate my period but i stopped taking it about two weeks ago and two days after i had bleeding for the normal time i did when i had periods but i wasnt suppose to have it for almost a week. well after the bleeding stopped me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex more about 5 times over two days and everytime he you know. so i have two questions. could stopping the birth control give me an early period and could i still get pregnant ? please i want to know, if there is chance that i could be pregnant.

      ****i started taking my birth control in july & stopped taking it about two weeks ago. i had stopped taking it because the birth control was giving me problems, i don’t know if i miswrote but i would want to have a baby, the only reason they put me on bc was because i hadn’t gotten a period after my d*C for almost 3 months. i didnt go back on my bc or use any other kind of protection because i would like to have a baby.


        yes i think there could be- its hard for you as you in
        a position where your period will be irregular!
        i would suggest waiting 3/4 weeks and take a test!


          Um, if you had unprotected sex you could be pregnant, but I don’t quite understand the time line that you gave… do you think that you might have conceived in July or what?

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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