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      Hi, everyone! I am almost 20 years old and currently live with my bf. Well last month i had my period and it was normal. but for the last cuple of weeks i have been feeling really weird. I can’t stand the taste of any dark soda, I’m very moody and even my bf has noticed the change (size) of my boobs. I should be coming on my cycle soon but i havent had any of the usual symptoms. I just have a strong feeling that I might be pregnant. the only problem is my bf dosen’t want any children. do you guys think i should feel him in on whats going on or just hide it from him. any advice would be extremly helpful.
      luv, carmelcandycane


        well..just wait until u know u have missed ur period….then take the pregnancy test…and about ur bf..u shoulnt hide it from him..or "feel" him on that cause ur goin to regret it…u know if u have an abortion or give the baby out for adoption…if i was you…(if u r prego) i’ll tell him straight up…talk to him about it!Hope everything works out!


          i think you could be, and you should take a test to ensure as i was like that and i found out i was preg.. i think u should wait till u no for definit, just incase it causes hassle between you both and then you find out you are not even pregnant.


            omg that wus me i knew b4 i wus time 4 my period 2 come lol take a test but hunn let me tell u u prob. r


              even if you do try and hide it from ur bf,you wont be ble to for long,i think your best bet would be to tell him ya never know it may turn out better than you expected.


                you should tell him. He needs to know and after you tell him go to the Dr. if he dosen’t want any children. tell him that it is your baby to and you and him need to talk about what you both want and what is best for your baby.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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