could i be pregnate??????

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      Hey i think i am pregnate and i am costipated,tender breast,no periode but mine is really really weird!and i had sex with my first love march10th,2005 am i supposed to be feeling any signs or any thing (im supposably 3 weeks and 3 days let me know1 thanks alot k :unsure:


        HEY ummm did you find anything out?? Becuase i had sex with my first love also but on March 1, 2005 and I still havent started!!


          hey i had sex with my first love twice, on march 27th, and march 29th, but i still havent gotten my period yet.We used a condom the right way both times, and it didnt break or anthing, but still im really paranoid too, so im right here with ya! let me know if you find anything out….


            When were you supposed to start you period would be a good first question to ask yourself. If you dont keep up with it then, the only way to find out is take a pregnancy test. You dont have to buy the expensive ones either. A pregnancy test is a pregnancy test they all give you the same results. If you need someone to talk to just email me back. To give you a little info on me i just turned 20 on saturday april 2. I am now pregnant with my second child. I have my first when i was only 18, and still in high school.


              [b]Alot of gurls who have sex for the first time think there pregnant becuz your body is going through alot so its probably that i tought i was so dont worry u probably arent pregnant
              *Good Luck** ~Tea cakes~* B) 😉


                Hey Girl um i found out yesterday and it came back positive so my suggestion to you is the same that was given to me take a test well if you need anything let me know!

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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