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      im 16, and i had sex with my boyfriend two times.. (my first and second time ever).. but anyways, we used a condom both times and it didnt break or anything, but im due for my period anytime now, but havent gotten it. I havent really had any of the early symptoms of pregnancy, but i have had some cramping in the past few days, which usually doesnt happen until i get my period. My boyfriend, and my best friend told me that everything was fine, that i am going to get my period, and that im not pregnant. I think i am just worrying about it too much, but i am still paranoid that i am pregnant and that i wont get my period. I’m new to all of this pregnancy stuff so could you guys help me out? Even just to reassure me that im not pregnant, any feedback would help to calm me down. :unsure:


        Abby… Hey girl! Okay regardless of if you are or are not pregnant, you will be fine and will get thru any obstacle that comes your way okay?! Now, it is possible to get pregnant even if you use a condom. The failure rate for condoms (about 30%) is a statistic that is as soon as they are made- not after they travel in a hot truck, get stored in a hot warehouse, sit on a shelf, and then in your boyfriend’s pocket or wallet… yah. So anyway, yes it is possible. Not all women who are pregnant will experience the same- if any- symptoms. I don’t say this to scare you but to tell you the truth about the situation. Chances are, since it was only your 1st sexual experience, you are not pregnant, but that does not mean that you are not. Wait a few days for your period. If it still does not come, I encourage you to go to your local crisis pregnancy center where you can get a free pregnancy test. It is possible to think you have pregnancy symptoms even if you don’t, but the best way to find out is a pregnancy test. If it comes back negative and your period still does not come, wait a few more days and then re-test. If you have further questions, do not hestitate to ask,but remember darlin- no obstacle is put before us that we cannot get thru. If you are indeed pregnant, there is a vast array of services and resources to help you. Don’t give up and don’t give in to fear- it will all work out! Good luck darlin!


          hi, girl well like you know that woman’s get pregnant with out knowing what happend :woohoo: you say that you might be but you know what you are not trust me beause that problem that you have some young girls get that because they tink the hole time im pregnant and thier head is just messing them. :huh:

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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