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      I have been having some of these symptoms lately…..tender breasts, I have a milky sustance and also a clear-sticky substance coming out my nipples, I have been having like pains in my stomach, well not pains but like a burning-stretching feeling on my sides and in my stomach, it isn’t time for my period just yet and I have taken 2 tests. Both come up neg. Me and my husband haven’t been "trying" but have not been "trying to prevent all the time" either. It has been like 2-3 weeks I guess since the first time that we "didn’t try to prevent" and I have been having these symptoms since then. My breasts are VERY sore and look a little swollen but not much. Can anyone tell me something?


        ok well first of all dont waste your money on tests, they cant detect the hormone until you have missed your period, i made this mistake once also. but from your symptoms it seems like you could be, but i would just wait it out, dont jump to any conclusions.


          You are pregnant. I am 20 years old and I have a 10 week old son. Thise symptoms are so fresh in my mind that I can say that you are defentay pregnant. I hope your ready I was not but now I’m so glad that I was. :cheer:


            yes you are pregnant because i went through the same thing when i had my first 3 kids so you do have a little one on the way 😛


              Yes, you’re pregnant. Before I knew I was pregnant, I had weird period cramps 2 weeks before my period date, my abs looked a little softer, and my breasts were tender and larger. I wish I could re-live it all over again so I remember it like crazy now!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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