Could I be pregnant even though I’m on the pill?

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      OK to start with can I just say, I am so worried I am almost in tears. I’m only 15 years old and I think I might be pregnant. I would really appreciate your opinions on this.
      I was first prescribed the contraceptive pill 3 months ago. I am taking mycrogynacon (sp?) which has a 21 day cycle. Being only 15 and a little irresponsible I have forgotten to take quite a few of my pills. This was usually when I was staying at my boyfriends flat. I’d forget to take the packet with me or have them but forget altogether. Anyway I googled pregnancy symptoms and found this site. I read through the list and also some of the added ones on this forum (for example gas) and found I have way over half the symptoms.
      The only thing that is confusing me is that my bleeding has been very very… different recently. Last month I bled for 20 days (not consecutive days, there was a 4 day break in the middle), I then started to bleed again 3 days ago.
      One of my friends brothers was conceived when their mother was taking the pill but I don’t know if she had bleeding or not. Can you help?


        yes it is possible that you can be the bleeding can be a cause of implantation bleeding its when the baby implant in the uters and some gurls sart bleeding after two week but it is really light bleeding


          hey! it is possible to get pregnant while on the pill esp when you first start using it- it normally takes 3 months to actually regulate you or provide any protection. i was on the patch for 10 months and it never regulated me- i bled for the 1st month straight and then most of the 2nd and 3rd months and was soooo miserable but kept trying to make it work. some girls it never regulates but is still helping by making the egg too weak to hold life. you may just be out of wack b/c of it and it will make a LOT of girls feel terrible or even feel pregnant. i hope that you arent because 15 is so young and so much fun! but if you are then i wish you the best of luck and will be here if youd like to talk! just talk to your doctor about everything youre experiencing b/c he may be able to give you a different dose or method other than oral contraceptive b/c yours really isnt doing anything if you forget to take it (it happens girl!) just be carefuL!

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            I know it is not my place to say anything, but I am worried a lil…. I understand how it was when I was 15… I just want to say…Please make sure that you ALWAYS use condoms…. there are sooooo many STDS running around these days… You are very young, and please be more responsible;)


              My aunt missed two days of her pill and boop! End up with a second little one. It’s definitely possible. I’ve heard countless stories of women getting pregnant on birth control when they don’t miss pills, especially on the "Lo" versions of the meds, it just depends. Erratic menstrual behavior can certainly be a sign.

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