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      I recently go engaged about 3 months ago , and am planning to move in with my fiance who is 24, I am only 19 but turn 20 in April.
      I had my last period on the 24th October and it only lasted about 4 days when normally im a week and very heavy!
      I have developed a cold over the last couple of days and feel quite sickly at times though i havent been sick yet! My breasts are slightly sore but nothing to write home about. I did a pregnancy test last night and i got 2 lines, although one was faint it was clearly two lines but they werent the same colour? I have 2 more tests to do as i bought three. When should i take them and what are the chances of me being pregnant? Am i too young to be a mum?
      If any one has any help or advice please let me have it. Im so confused.x



        I understand your frustration with confusing or broken test results!!! The first test (ept) I took was broken. It was supposed to show a plus for positive and a horizontal line for negative, but it showed a vertical line. The first test I interpreted this line as negative, but I was convinced that I was pregnant. I took another ept test a week later, but this time I noticed that the line was the wrong direction, so I bought another brand of test (first response). This test was clear with two pink lines.

        I think usually if there are two lines it usually indicates a positive test, but I’m not sure about two different colors?!? When did you take your last test? I would take another test a week later.

        Is 19 too young to be a mum? I don’t think so especially since you are engaged. It will mean a change for sure if you decide to raise a child. However if you and your fiance do not feel ready for parenthood, then adoption is always an option too. Have you told your fiance that you suspect that you might be pregnant? How does he feel about the situation? Best Wishes.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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