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      hey girls, ummmmmm i need a little bit of help so ill just tell you my story………………ok im 19 and my boyfriend an i have decided to not so much try for a baby but just see what happens but i think i might already be pregnant…..the kinds of symptoms i have had is:
      *my right nipple is sore like if i touch it it hurts like its sensitve or something (my left nipple is a bit inverted so im not sure if that has anything to with why that ones not hurting at the moment)
      *my emotions have been very crazy lol like ill cry over the work safe cover ads on t.v and one minute i love my bf and want heaps of cuddles and then im just really anoyed at him for no reason.
      *i pee alot anyway but ive noticed that i get this over whelming feeling of needing to go to the toilet very quickly and when i pee its not that much.
      *when i do a poo its very hard like its like im kinda constipated
      *and to top it all off the first day of my last period was like roughly on the 30th of April…….id love some help i just dont want to think im over reacting i want to know if these symptoms are pregancy symptoms……i took a pregnancy test like 2 weeks or so ago and it said negative (its just the test said to pee on the stick for 15 secs but i cant pee for that long lol)……………….i hope someone could spread some light on this for me.thank you in advance:cheer:


        Well it sounds like you may be pregnant and the test you took it may have been too early to test. If you really think you are you should get a HPT and a diposible cup and have it in the bathroom for when you first wake up. Pee into the cup and hold the HPT in the urine fir 15 seconds. Its just easier that way. If you have any other questions I would love to answer them, by the way my name is Kaitlin I am 16 with a 9 week old daughter.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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