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      Hi girls..

      I’m really starting to worry.. i was on the pill since i was 15 (im 19 now) and this month is the first time since then that ive been off it completely. I was pretty sure my body’d be so knackered by years of it that there was no chance i could get pregnant so soon after coming off it so me and my boyfriend havent exactly been careful.. My period isnt due for another 8 days but im feeling really strange.. I feel like i constantly need ta pee, i cant get enough sugar into me and i cannot get out of bed in the mornings the last couple of days i’m absolutely exhausted.. i havent been sick or anythin though.. im absolutely terrified.. im in my 2nd year of uni this is not a good time for this at all!!


        u cud be… take a hpt or blood test n ul know 4 sure


          I was also on BC since I was 15 (I am 20 now) and I got off, thinking the same thoughts as you, I figured that I couldn’t get pregnant right away since I was on it for so many years. Come to find out BC leaves your system within 36 hours (my OBGYN/Baby lady 😉 gave me all the info) and you can get pregnant within the first month!
          So, with that said you should take an HPT test. But, it could also be that your period is going back to its normal cycle and getting back into the swing of things with your body, if that makes sense. Basically, you can end up getting different menstrual symptoms after getting off of BC, thats what happened to me. But, if you are going to stay off of BC and don’t want a baby, use protection. Because 2 months of being off of BC and I am now 12 weeks pregnant with my first child!! 🙂

          Good luck to you!


            It’s been almost 5 weeks ago, so I’d guess you know whether you are or not by now. I just wanted to add a possible explanation for your symptoms in case you are Not pregnant: diabetes. I am over 35 and have had it myself for over 30 years. The symptoms you listed are very familiar to the signs I showed just before my 8th birthday. Either way, I just wanted to give you a little info that might help and I wish you all the best.


              Have you found out whether you were pregnant or not yet?

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