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      I’m 4 weeks late now, have taken a few tests and they all came out negative. I did go see the doctor and they did a blood test and that came out negative too but i still haven’t gotten my period and have all the symptoms of pregnancy. Is it possible i am pregnant?


        yes it is still possible. just wait it out. I know it is hard to just wait…i’m that same boat. see if it comes next month and figure out how far along you would be if you are. when 8 weeks rolls around take another test and go back to the doctor. An ultrasound will be able detect the heartbeat of the baby if you are. Until then take care of you body like you are pregnant. Keep us updated.


          I would say probably not. Are you stressing out about maybe being pregnant. This can cause some of the same symptoms. Best of Luck. Jessica


            it is more likely some other health issue. if you are too thin you won’t get a period, i think it goes the same way with being too heavy. Or if you are stressed out. It could be no reason at all, but If the doctors test came out negative then I wouldn’t worry.


              I’d say way more likely than not you aren’t pregnant. The stress about it is probably what’s causing the delay. But you should see a doctor if you’re 4 weeks late.


                well… i would say more NO than YES.

                i mean ok the hpt tests are round 99% and not 199%, but the blood tests, they mesure your hormone level, and your hormone level gets so high at the beginnin the pregnancy that they would detect them..

                are you stressin alot lately? are you havin iiregular periods?

                thinkin bout being pregnant can do that too..
                keep us updated


                  i am now almost 5 weeks late, and am still getting neg. test results. A friend of mine has a grandma who used to be a nurse and she said i could possibly be getting all negatives cuz it could be an ectopic pregnancy because i am getting some pain in my pelvis area on my right side. I’m really not sure what to think anymore but will def. go see a doctor again soon.


                    hi my friend went true the same thing ur going true and it turned out she was pregnent it took 6 tests and 2 trips to the doctor .try another test or go bk 2 the doctor .:) 🙂


                      i’m going thru the exact same thing at the moment… almost 5 weeks late, 3 negative tests but nearly all the symptoms of pregnancy. it took me so long to build up enough courage to actually do my first test and i thought all the worry would be over once it was negative… but since then i’ve had so many symptoms (bloating, white discharge, nausea, tiredness) that it’s becoming too much to ignore. i’ve only told 2 of my friends, they say it’s all in my head but i know my body too well to convince myself that i’m imagining things. i’m going to wait another week and then i’ll definitely go to the doctor for a blood test. i’ve always had irregular periods and i have been under a lot of stress lately, so i really don’t know what to think!
                      anyway, sorry i can’t offer any advice myself. it’s just good to know that someone else is in the same boat! best of luck x


                        it could be all in your head and you just think you are.
                        so your body imitates a pregnancy.
                        it happened to me before and when i really got pregnant
                        i was like ah whatever its all in my head..
                        but it wasnt.
                        wait it out or talk to your doctor


                          you could be pregnant not trying to scare you or anything but be prepared. i was the exact same way i was wondering when my period was coming and it never did i thought everything was fine but i had the same pain in my side i thought it was a kidney infection or something but babies sometimes let you know when they are there and here i am now 8 1/2 months pregnant just go to the doctor soon


                            ok if your pregnant your who i deffinitly want to talk to…i have been feeling tired, waking up sick and had a headache for 3 days now. well i had sex tonight and it felt really weird…like it felt like when it was deep, i dont know how to explain it but it kind of hurt. i have been with my boyfriend a while so im not out doing random guys..but i thought i might be then when that happened tonight it was weird…do you feel weird when u have sex, like can you feel it differently??


                              oh and i was like a week late for my period but it came, it didnt last long tho. even my boyfriend said something about it being short


                                Sex is different for my boyfriend and I now that I’m pregnant. It does hurt now and I usually get sore afterwards. But I’m 7 months pregnant, so that may be why.


                                  hi i just found out that im 6weeks pregnent and befor i did i felt the same as ur felling when havg sex.u should do a test

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