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      I’m so glad that i found this site!! u girls are so nice and reassuring to each other and i am so glad i have people to talk to that are going through the same things as me. I’m 17 yrs old and i think im pregnant. Right now my breast are really tender and swollen and feel kinda numb. y stomach has these wierd pains that dont necessarilly hurt but are kinda bubbly and feels like somethings pinching me from the inside…i have to constantly pee…and when my stomach hurts i feel hungry and after i eat i feel sick to my stomach…my period is a week late tomorrow and the last time i had my "period" it only lasted 3 days instead of my usual 5 and was a light bright color not what a period should…i would really appreciate it if u girls could give me some feedback…

      Thank you


        you need to take a pregnancy test. The ones you buy in the stores to do at home are very accurate.


          Hey! So, I know exactly how you feel. I’m 17, well I’ll be 18 in December, and I’m having all of those same symptoms right now, although I’m not yet late for my period (it should come in two days, so we’ll see). So I know how you feel.

          But from the symptoms you described, it certainly sounds like you might be pregnant. 🙂 Have you taken a test yet? Since you are late for your period I would suggest going out and buying a hpt and seeing what happens. If it comes out positive then you should go to see your doctor and get a real test done to be sure. If it comes out negative, wait a few days to a week and if you are still having the symptoms, try again.

          If you ever need anyone to talk to I’m here. 🙂


            Take a test – you could be sounds like you have pregnancy symptoms. If your are then you need to get to a dr so you can have proper antenatal care. Dont put if off. Test soon.


              my name is nikki and im 17 and i’ve been having the same problems and i need advice too


                Well it sounds like a few of you in here need to get some answers… Optionline can help you find the closest center to you to get a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL test, plus you wont have to take it by yourself and find out alone….1-800-395-HELP, it is always best to find out ASAP to make sure you are getting the best care for you and possible baby…Love Meg


                  wow! Everyone needs the same advice! Well I suggest that all of you who think they’re pregnant go buy a pregnancy test at the store! They come in packs of two so if you don’t believe the result of the first one then you can take the second! That’s probably not what it’s for but that’s what I used it for! I mean you have the same symptoms I had when I found out I was pregnant! You can also go to your doctors. You have to find out though, you need to get prenatal care if you are, take care of your baby! Find out!!!! Good Luck!


                    im 7 months pregnant and the only symptom i had when i took a pregnancy test was that my gums were bleeding easily, i was 3 days late and i spotted instead of starting my period. good luck everyone


                      Ok so heres what happened. my bf and i took a test and it was positive. He told his parents and i told mine..of course my mom had to make me take another one before we went to the doctors. It was positive as well. so i went to the doctors and the made me urinate in a cup and did their own test…which doesnt make sense cuz they basically did what i did twice a home! and i am indeed almost 7 weeks pregnant. our baby is due on july 3rd. my parents are very upset and will only let me see my bf if he comes to our house…untill they can…"trust us again"?!? hello i cant get anymore PREGNANT!! well im really scared because im 17 and hes 10 months younger than me…(16) and i cud be accused of statatory rape…and since my birthday is soooo close to the due date my parent’s insurance cud not cover the birth if i have the baby after i turn 18…A LOT OF MONEY!!! and then the baby wont have insurance because its the decendent of me and im the decendent of my father not the baby so only (I) can get insurance from him….and thats ONLY if i have the baby before my bday…so im pretty much in big trouble and my bf and i are scared to death…

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