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      im on the pill but i forgot a few and i got the light bleeding you usually get when you forget them. Well i had that for about 2/3 days but it stopped the day before my period was due. My period never came so when i bleed for missing the pills was that my period do you think? or could i be pregnant? really confused !! please help thanks xx


        hi, i recently got of the pill due to your question.the pill is suppose to regular ur periods and make them less heavy and less painfull also not to get pregnant..but this isnt the case for everyone.the pill made my periods worse,i always thought i was pregnant b’cos my periods came late all the time.they also lasted 3-4 WEEKS!!! my pains were worse and my back was always sore. you CAN get pregnant on the pill especially if you missed a few and had sex during these times.a really good idea wud to do a pregnansy test or you wont know…good luck wif effrifin and i hope you get the answer you want…email me if you ever wanna chat or have any questions ok…daniella


          the best thing you can do to ease your mind is a pregnancy test. Go to the doctor and it will al be confidential and they can tell you exactly what caused you to miss your period. It’s the fastest way to find out too rather than waiting it out and stressing. I hope things work out for you! good luck!


            It could very well have been the weird times you took the pills that made you bleed and then NOT bleed. I agree that you should take a home test to ease your mind. IF Anything else pops up then head to your doc!


              Hi the best thing you can do is test if your periods already late and you don’t feel as if it’s coming. I’m going the same thing you are and the order of which I take my pills is pretty much off too. I would really appreciate to hear how it turns out for you so keep me posted. Thanxx

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