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      So my period is like a week or two late. I honestly couldnt be sure because i dont ever keep track. But i know its late. I dont know if im pregnant or if its stress thats causing me to be late. I have been sexually active all thru the last month. My breats are very tender, Ive been pigging out on everything in site, Ive been urinating alot more then I usually do, ive been extremly tired, but the one thing is, is that Im cramping as if im going to start..Can someone tell me what to do and if its possible that im pregnant? I had a day where i spotted a bit a day after a sexual encounter. But when i took a pregnancy test it said negative. Also this test was from the dollar store. Can anyone help me please? :dry:


        Hey, You absolutely could be pregnant. When I was pregnant those were my exact symptoms. You kind of feel like you are about to start, but a little worse. Also when I was pregnant my first test was negative, You also said your not sure how late you are, it could have just been too early. I would go to the drug store and get an EPT. Those are very acurate,


          hey, when i fell pregnant i had all the same symptoms as whet you listed above and when i did a home test it came up negative only for me to go to the doctor ad him tell me you can gt false negatives but not false posatives, only for a blood test to confirm that i was 9 weeks pregnant! now im 37 weeks and cant wait for it to be over !all the best to you and i suggest you go and get a blood test done! Natalie


            If you are 2 weeks late and a test is not picking up on hormones you should go to a doctor and get a blood test…Try going to a pregnancy recourse center or a caring pregnancy center they are free and most have ultrasounds now 🙂 hope that helped…how old are you and what is your situation???…Meg


              dont feel bad im in the same boat as you are only thing with me is that im breastfeeding. I had my baby jan 13th my period came at the end of Jan and my BF and i had sex the first week of Feb and around the 17th or 18th I had spotting and lite bleeding and this month no period


                Hey girl,
                well if I were you I’d go and get a better test and just try again, you never know! All those signs you’re having normaly don’t start until later on, not 2 weeks into the pregnancy. Pigging out was also one of my signs, but breasts don’t get tender till later on. So just go get another test! If you wanna be 100% positive, go to a doc. But you still wanna keep it a secret from your parents until your sure huh? I hope everything works out for you and keep your baby if you are pregnant! Killing an unborn child is the worst thing anone could ever do! It’s a gift from God… Sarah

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