could i be pregnant

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      ok see im soo afraid that i may be pregnant i dont kno what to do about it. my mom knows i might be and says if i am i have to have an abortion.but i wanna keep it if i am pregnant.but i also am afraid to keep it becuase my family would be very dissapointed. i just dont kno what to do im stuck. :unsure:


        If I were you I would do what you feel is right and not worry about what your family says you are your own body and only you will feel the pain of killing your unborn baby. I choose that you don’t want the baby put it up for adoption. That way a family who wants a baby can have a chance, and your baby can have a chance for a happy life.


          dont do anuything that you dont want to do in time your mom and family will get use to the taught and in the end be happy with your decision but dont feel presureed into something you dont want its your body good luck


            don’t let anyone make your decisions for you, your child has a purpose. It is your body and your physical and emotional well being. Make your own decisions, keep us posted! Good luck.


              Our bodies are not our bodies. They are God’s bodies and we must take care of them. We did not make our bodies. So when it comes to women’s rights they are wrong to say "It’s my body" because it is not. A child growing in a woman is the most extraordinary experience she will ever have. Do not let your mother persuade you into an abortion because you have to take care of your body and that of the unborn child you are taking.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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