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      For the past week and a half my nipples a very tender, I wake up feeling nauseous,I crave onions all day long, i just feel pregnant, i go to the loo often, and i am very emotional.
      I do not get my periods since i had a uterus scrape so I can go on skipping a period. all I know is the last time a had unprotected sex was on the 26th Dec 06. I did i Blood test on the 11th of Jan 07 and it was neg but could it be that i took the test to early. I also took a urine test on the 15th and it was neg but all my friend says that it could be to early to detect, coz she went 4 a test when she was 6 weeks and it showd neg. then she went again about 2 weeks later and she showd pos. Help please


        hey 🙂 … erm, the symptoms u said are pregnancy symptoms.

        it MAY have been to early for a blood test, they should be ok at about 2 weekish but it could have been slightly too early still. u haven’t missed a period yet (if u were regular…) so the urine test was def too soon.

        if nothing has showed by the end of the month/start of feb, thats when i’d take another urine test. that gives it a bit of time. i know it sounds far a way while this is worrying u but it’ll give u a definate answer that way and u won’t have to worry again.

        would you be happy with pregnant? … just wondering 😛 …

        good luck xx


          yes I would be happy with pregnancy. I have a 16month old son, so i want a little sister or brother for him,


            yes I would be happy with pregnancy. I have a 16month old son, so i want a little sister or brother for him,


              uycould be sounds like it. but since you ahd your uterus scraped that could be what it is too. if you really think your prego wait another week then take a pee test. doesnt seem like it would be too early but it could be


                i’m sorry that i cant answer your question, but you actually sound like you could help me or tell me something more about your friend. i believe that i am pregnant also, but i went to the clinic and the test said negative. i still dont have a period, and i’ve been havin all of these really weird symptoms. did the doctor tell your friend why it took them 8 weeks to find out that she was pregnant?


                  hi,:P well my friend used these bio-bust tablets to make her boobs bigger, so then her boobs got very tender and she was feeling very nausious, she then call her docter and he said that she could be pregnant coz those tablets are not suppose to make your boobs tender. So she went for the test and it was neg. Then after 2 weeks she was still feeling the same so she went back to the docter and did another bloodtest and only then it was positive and she was 8 weeks. I will try and get hold of her and ask her what her docter said why it did not show.:cheer:

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