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      okay so lately i have been feelin VERY tired and dizzy!! i keep on having a pain like right under my belly button! i have also been eating more than EVER!!! i’m only 15 years old and my boyfriend is 16 he says that he wants to have kids with me but when i think about it i realize none of us are ready AT ALL!! h e"claims" to have everything planned out but i jus dont think we have ANYTHING planned out for the FUTURE!! we’re still YOUNG! and settling down and having kids would probably have to be the LAST thing on my mind!!!!!…… i have also been urinating more frequently..i’m not sure if i’m pregnant or not but if i am i’m VERY EXCITED and SCARED!! omg!? could anyone give me any suggestions!?…


      also i’m not sure by how much but i noe i’m late on my period b/c i usually get it at the beggining of the month and the last time i got my period was on 11/12!!..( it only lasted 2 days which is very unusual for me!)..and it’s already 12/19!!…do you guys think i should get a pregnacy test already or should i wait a little more? sometimes i also feel like throwing up!!!!! :sick:


        By the sounds of it, you could be pregnant. Take a HPT when your next period is due. If you want, you could also go see your doctor as that will be more accurate…. Good Luck and don’t be scared.

        Just some advice from someone more older than you:
        You are definately right in saying that you are still young, If you are afraid to tell your parents, don’t be. They will probably only be upset with you for a while. If you are preggy, carry on with the pregnancy, don’t abort it as it will be with you for the rest of your life.


          Hmmm there is a possibility that u could be if you periods are always on time. If you took a pregnancy test no it ‘should’ show up accurate results. I hope all gos well for you. Keep us updated.


            WELL! i HAVE just found out that i AM pregnant!:side: my boyfriend is willing to support me in EVERYTHING! (hope THAT works out!) i still haven’t told my parents because i KNOW they will be VERY dissapointed! but i’m SO EXCITED!!!:P ..i can’t wait to see my belly grow! ..well my boyfriend and i have been talking ALOT about the topic lately and of COURSE i’m keeping the baby whether the "daddys" here with me to help me or NOT!:dry: ..but now all i have to do is tell my parents!…WISH ME LUCK!

            kari;) :kiss:

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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