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      I hope someone can help me. I have only been trying to conceive 3 months now but in October and November it just didn’t work out where we were able to have sex on or around ovulation. Well, last week by my caculations I was due to ovulate between Wednesday and Friday and I’m pretty sure I was as all the signs were there so in an attempt, we had sex Wednesday and Friday, also a few days before that as well. Shortly after, I started experiencing cramping in my lower abdomen, which seem to come and go now, I bled slightly during sex two days ago (which I almost never do), my breasts are very large (not sore though) and today I notice that I was spotting. My period is not due until 12/20-12/22. Do you think it’s too soon to tell and that maybe b/c I want this to be it, I’m reading to deep?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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