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      I had sex on Tuesday, first of all we didn’t use a condom then he pulled out halfway through and put one on. He didn’t come inside me but there may have been pre-cum. I was due my period that same day and I already had all my usual symptoms of headaches, diziness and sore breasts but still I haven’t got my period and most of these symptoms appear to have gone away! Is it possible I could be pregnant? I know it’s porbably a bit too ealy to say but my period symptoms just seem to have disappeared and I’m almost 3 days late!


        its not really plausible for women to get pregnant right before their period. Ovulation is about 2 weeks before your period and thats the window to get pregnant. Lots of times, having sex can put off your period for a few days and if youre worrying it could be even longer.

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          im 14 and i had sex like 2 weeks ago and he used a condom and he never cummed but i know i wasn’t ready and im so scared i could be pregnate i’ve been getting dizzy and been peeing alot but maybe im just over agsaderating my self but could some one please help me!!


            Yes, I guess you could be pregnant! I wish you the best of luck. Please go to the doctors, if you find out by a pregnancy home test, that it’s positive…



              i had sex 2 weeks before my period date, I got my period for 2 days and that way it, i nomally have 5 days period. I have continous headach, morning sickness etc. could i be pregnant?


                Ok since I last posted I got my period BUT since finishing I keep feeling the need to wee a lot, I have developed 2 migraines in 2 days, I feel really tired and this morning I have been feeling really sick – whats going on, help!


                  Well I have wanted a baby so everytime I have any symptoms I sit and think. Its hard to tell because a lot of the symptoms pregnant women get you can get from a period, like the sore breasts and the dizziness and food cravings and going to the bathroom alot. You can even feel nauseous when you are having a period and get headaches. And some women dont ovulate until they are about to start their periods so it could be possible. Some women ovulate while they are having their cycles. But sometimes we worry ourselves for nothing. Stressing out about this kind of thing can also cause you to not have a period. I missed a whole month one time because I was stressed out. We sometimes mistake stress or period symptoms as pregnancy. If I was you I would go to the doctors if you really think you are. Yes home tests are ok to, but to be 100% sure let a doctor give you a blood test or a urine test.

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