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      Hi all.
      I have been on the injection on and off for several years (im 22). I have now been off for about 15 months and i have not had a period since mid sept 05. Recently i have started feeling sick, light headed and quite tired and my taste and smell senses are different. Is it possible that i could be pregnant? I am also very much overweight (21 stone). Could these be just symptoms of being overweight or is there a small chance i could be pregnant? Is it all in my head?


        It sounds like you very well could be. Id set up an apointment right away to find out for sure.


          it sounds very well like u could be pg i would go to the doctor:)


            its not all in your head. get tested. id recomend buying 2 or 3 tests to be safe lol and check it in the morning. even though you were on the shot, you could be that 2 or 3% ya kno? lemme know how it turns out!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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