could i be pregnant?

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      It all started like three weeks ago with dizziness then my breast started to be sore around the nipple and along the bottom and side close to my sides and i have the feeling of butterflies in my stomach but even smoking a ciggarette makes me gag! then i have just be kind of out of it everyone keeps giving me crap like hows the baby so i decided to take a pregnancy test since my last cycle was june 22-26 which is really short for me but i used to be irregular and then after i took birthcontrol for a couple of months it was regular but i took a pregnancy test and it was negative and so everyone made me wait a few days to take another one so i took one this morning and it showed up negitive in like 30 secs could i actually be pregnant or is there something else wrong with me how do i find out i work 65 hours a week and i have no medical insurance!!!!!!!!!!!

      please any advice

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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