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      i have being on the pill since january and on march 2 i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend he didnt ejaculate in me and i was on the last week of pills i got my period the next day and its a regualr period could i be pregnant i dont have any symptoms or anything.


        I dont think you have too much to worry about my luv, but I would definately reccommend you doing a pregnancy test just to be on the safe side, and always remeber to use protection, it isnt just there to prevent you getting pregnant.!! Good luck and take care.x


          no! if your on the pill and taking it regualry you have less than .5% chance of getting pregnant. And seeing as how he pulled out, i doubt it. Although that should not be used as a form of birth controll!!!!


            hi i am 14 years old and i just found out that i am 4 weeks pregnant!

            i am not happy with myself and my boyfriend that got me pregnant is willing to help me with our new born baby! i am stuck and scared and i dont no what to do. i havent told ma mom yet because i could easily have anotha miscarrige ( o yh btw ma b/f got me pregnant b4 n i miscarried) i really need some support and help. can anyone help???


              wow! I have one question before I try to help you. What were you thinking when you first had unproteced sex, expecially when your 14? Ok so now you have severial options. First thing you need to do is to tell your mom. She, even thow will be upset will be the only person that you can count on for this, Second you ned to go to the doctors to have an internal done to see what’s going on in there and to make sure you have no infections that will harm your baby or you for that matter. I had my first child when I was 16, I was married however. It was still extreamly hard to deal with. You can also call a help center to see if they can help you. Now your only 14 so what ever you do you need to tell your parents cause they will be notified or the doctor will not see you unless your gaurdian is present. You need to figure out exactually what you want to do. You also need tomake sure that when you tell your family that your boyfriend is present in every thing. You did not make this happen on your own so please do not make choices unless you’s both agree on them. How old were you when you first had the misscarriage? Thereis alot more then just the prgnancy that you need to discuss with your parents.If your parents don’t or wont understand thengo toan adult that you can trust. An aunt or older sister. Mabye your best friends mom. Someonethatyou feel completely conected tothat you can share this with. If I can be any assistance feel free to E-Mail me anytime. I will always respond to you.. 🙂

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