Could I be PG?

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      I had my period Jan 11th…I had one around the same time in Feb…I skipped March all together…In April I did not start until around the 23rd…My period had always been irregular…I have been off the pill for about a year and a half. Lately I have been just feeling weird…I have been nausous, and this past week I could not get enough to eat…that is usually the case before my period though. I haven’t been able to sleep much either, and I am pretty sure that I have a yeast infection( I have had one before) but I am not on any medication. I really want to be PG and I have thought that I was soo many times and I almost feel like it is wishful thinking…if anyone has any advise I would really appericate it =)

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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