Could I Be?

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      Am I pregnant? Ive been getting sick in the mornings and nights, my period is 10 days late,my breasts feel tender i guess you could say, and Im always tired im only 13 and very scared


        sounds to me like you are. either buy a test or go to the doctors. keep us posted. And if there’s anything you need i’m here!


          Sounds like you could be but you are only thirteen? How sexually active have you been? Because this might be since your so young and sexually active but those sound like sympotms of pregnancy but you should tell one of your parents and consult a doctor.Good luck!


            yes I took a test It was an ept it said pregnant. I was very sexually active with my bf… b4 he died


              i’m sry to hear that he died. you should really talk to your mom so she can take you to the doctor. she needs to know. the sooner the better. one thing that would probably upset her the most is if you wait too long before telling her. because she gets the shock of finding out your pregnant, as well as losing a ton of trust in you for lying to her by keeping your pregnancy from her. in addition, there’s a lot of health risks, espedcially since you are so young. i wish you the best, and i hope everything turns out well.


                shady what are you gonna do if you need any help at all just email me okay and i wish you the absolute best.. I am 14 and i know what your going thru.


                  That is so sad that your boyfriend died and if it was a good relationship it will be a good way to remember him but a hard exspecially for you at your age so I’m sending the best wishies i can and saying congrads on your pregnancy . Don’t be sad about it because have a child is a gift. Maybe you don’t feel ready but you’ll have to prepare yourself to be. Think about the positives. Have you told your mother? If not you should do so as soon as possible. The longer you wait the more guilt you’ll have. Just get that first big step over with so you can breathe. Let your mom chill and have time to think about things.
                  Hopefully she will help you and be there for you. Eventually one way or the other she will have to understand and hopefully she will help you. Perparing for a baby takes along time and you can’t do it one and your mother will probablly become your knew best friend and will be your angel through this. Goodluck.


                    so now that you are pregnant what are you going to do?


                      I dont know what to do Im at a loss.


                        Im going to keep it thanks to some1 who visited my website

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