could i be?

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      Hi All,
      well i thought this time around i would get your votes: could i be pregnant? For the last week i have been having really very vivid dreams, evry single night, if i wake half way thru a dream, i go to sleep again and it continues, I NEVER remember dreams and have heard this can come when pregnancy happens. Also, my usual cycle is 32 days, i am now on day 34 and ‘flo’ is not looking like coming. I do however have mood swings and feel constantly tired. You will all say that i should do a test, but i did this before, repeated tests and missed periods for almost 3 months and every test was negative, eventually i just waited and it wasn;t to be, this time i don;t want to waste the cash on vast amounts of home tests but i want to know if you think it looks promising?!

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