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      So in the past month me and my boyfriend have had unprotected sex twice, he was using the pull out method which didnt work. The first time he finished partially in and partially out. The second time he managed to pull out in time, but isnt there still pre? But anyways, my period is a couple days late. Could i be pregnant?


        are you having any diff symptoms? is ur period usually on time?
        If aunty flow hasnt shown up, wait another few days i reckon do a test just to ease ur mind


          it depends on when it was u had sex cos to the best of my knowledge u can only get pregnant wen ur ovulating.. and precome ya that can get u pregnant… hope it all works out 4 the best xxx


            little nikki- yep thats true. I think you only ovulate for 3 days and u have to be ovulating to get pregnant. If you know your cycle WELL then you can actually use the guide as contraception. So only 3 days a month you can get pregnant, not much is it.


              obviously if you had unprotected sex you could be pregnant. if your period is usually on a normal cycle and its off, go take a test.


                Yes you definitely could be pregnant. I would wait like maybe 4 more days just to make sure that you don’t get your period, it will also give your body time to recognize that you are pregnant so it can show up on a prego test. You may be prego because I only had a couple symptoms in the beginning and they werent that strong. I was extremely hungry constantly, I felt sick to my stomach alot but i never had morning sickness, and I could only eat certain foods. I am now almost 6 months pregnant and can eat anything, and I never get sick to my stomach anymore. Although I still eat like a cow, lol. If you need a friend to talk to or just need anything you are welcome to contact me I hope all goes well, good luck sweetheart.


                  i know how you feel… my bf and i do the same thing… im on the pill but we have un protected sex too ad the pill isnt 100% guarantee… and im late and i never am… ive had spotting and ive never gotten like thaat… im soo emotional… my breasts are tender… and im nervous, excited, going kinda crazy not knowing… ahhh im only 19 but ive been with this guy for 4 years… hes my best friend too so i know if i am he will be there so im kinda excited ut im sooo nervous cause if i am my parents arent going to be happy because they re very old fashion and believe sex is for after marrage… sooo yea i know how you fell about not knowing. if u ever want to talk or anything im here

                  xo. bo peep


                    I totally understand what you mean, bo_peep. When I had sex with my boyfriend, I was so worried that I might be pregnant and didn’t want to talk to my parents because they were very much against sex before marriage. I was so afraid that I would let them down or that they would disown me or something. I did end up pregnant, and they were far more accepting than I anticipated. They were upset, and disappointed, but they didn’t hate me. They still loved me and wanted me to take responsibility for what I had done, and I did. My boyfriend and I had been together for a long time before that, but our relationship didn’t work out. He was someone that I cared about a lot, I loved him, but our goals for the future were not the same. It sounds like you should take a pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant or not. Email me if I can ever help you, ok?


                      okay girl since your late tat could be a sign but at the same time the pill can mess you up a lil especially if you miss one or two…i’de wait till your like a week late then take a test to be sure…all the best! 🙂

                    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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