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      at the end of may i had an unexpected period. it was about 5days after i got off my normal period. i had unprotected sex a couple days before.. then again when my period was over. lately i have been really bloated, and everytime i get up after siting down i feel realy light headed. no mater how long i have been sitting or laying down, i always feel really woosy for a few minutes… i get nauseous pretty easy with smells and certain atmospheres, and ive been eating lots more than usual. i am due for my next period in 3 weeks, so i know im not PMS-ing. could i be pregnant??


        If i was in your situation i would think it was still early but id buy a test to see what the results were and then try again also a few weeks after that, thats if the test comes up negative. Are you planning on having a baby?


          i am not planning for one, but i guess if it happens it happens. i had an abortion six months ago and since then things have been really hard, but ive grown up. i wasnt trying to get pregnant, but if i wind up, im ready for it.

          see, according to my pills (birth control) i was supposed to be on my period a week ago, and i never got it. but i had a period in the middle of my pack so i am just calculating my next period off of that one, but i technically missed my normally scheduled one.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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