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      I have a question… how can u tell if your having real contrractions?? Because I have menstrual like cramps (by the way, I’m in my 35th week, so I think it’s normal around this time). They come once in a while, but I dont know if it’s just my hips stretching or contractions. I want to get to the hospital in time, not after my water breaks!


        well it would be perfectly ok if ur water breaks lol but usually u can tell if they are "real" contractions if u feel them ALL over your belly including ur back……and mainly at the top of ur belly…..braxton hicks contractions will mainly stay lower in your belly…… will KNOW when u have real contractions trust me lol and dont rush urself to the hospital if u start feeling contractions bc most of the time the start of the contractions is just "early" labor and they will just send you home……with mine i had real contractions for an entire 4 days before i went into labor lol that SUCKED

        gina lynn

          braxton hicks contractions ( not real ones) dont hurt. but if your having real contractions you’ll know because they hurt, and also they will gradually be getting closer and closer together.


            I’ve nvr had contractions so I’m not an expert or anything but from what I’ve read it ses that ur stomach gets hard and the pain starts in ur lower back and moves around to the stomach. Good luck!


              i would say your probably having braxton hicks contractions i had them off and on for a mos b4 i had my daughter and a couple wks b4 i had my son. you’ll know if its true labor b/c they will be about every 5 mins and lasting around 30-45 secs..and yes it does feel like menstral cramps but way stronger! Good luck hun and keep us updated!


                You should know contractions if they are real.Its just an instinct.
                Could it be Braxton Hicks? Are you getting the tightening of the stomach? I’m 33 weeks and have had some weird pains that i never had with my first. I hope all goes well and baby hides in here a little longer for you


                  Could just be braxton-hicks. Your still ok even after your water breaks, it doesn’t always happen at the hospital.(Unless your induced) ;D You know when the contractions start getting regular you should consider going. But if your contractions aren’t close enough yet, they might send you back home until they are. Your case may be different tho. I am NO doctor, this is a TV educated guess, lol.


                    well some women have Braxton Hicks contractions… feel the pressure and you can even see your tummy "flex" but real contractions start like period cramps and some women get alot of back pain with them…..most babies dont just "fly out" even if your water breaks before you get to the hospital you should be fine 🙂 alot of women (myself included) dont experience their water breaking at home or out in public. Alot of times your doctor will do it after you have dialated a little bit and when they know for sure that you are having the baby. I would talk to your doctor and ask for a detailed description of what labor and delivery has in store so that you are more prepared 🙂 hope that helps….Meg


                      they felt alot like period cramps for me… if you are concerned you should talk to your doctor, they should be able to help.

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