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      I am currently 25 weeks pregnant with twins and 3 days ago i started having contraction, so i went to the hospital and they have been trying to get them to stop everysince. Right now the contractions are stopped hopefully they wont start back. I am just really scared anybody have any suggestions on how to cope with being on bed rest due to the contractions and the fear that the babies will come early. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


        I would say first of all dont worry and stress over it, that will only make it worse. The single most important thing you can do is to drink lots of water and eat well. With both my kids I had contractions super early and even dilated early. Each time they talked to me about early labor and everything and each time I had to get induced because my body didnt go into labor on its own and my first was late and my second I was leaking amniotic fluid both dilated to 5 cm and by then with both I had no more contractions. Every body is different, and its actually completely normal to have contractions that early, most woman have them as early as their first trimester drs are finding, but arent feeling them. As long as they arent dilating your cervix that early, they are completely fine. My contractions started at 25 weeks with my second, and by 30 weeks I was having them all day long every day and most days they were 3-5 minutes apart, but I didnt start dilating very much until the very end of my pregnancy. Normally they wont check you for dilating until you are further along because of the risk of setting you into labor, but as long as you havent lost your plug, or still have contractions every few minutes there is no reason to be concerned or even to get on meds. Most people with twins end of going on bedrest as well, your body has extra weight and pressure on your cervix that singleton moms dont have. I pray that everything goes well for you, and that you have healthy and happy babies!!


          Thanks so much i am still in the hospital and my cervix has dilated to 3 cm and i am now on complete hospital bed rest until the girls decide to make their arrival or ntil the dr decides to take them. The dr also said if i keep dialting he will start me on steroid injections to help improve the babies lungs. So please keep me and the babies in your prayers.


            Don’t stress too much about it! It’s neither good for you and your babies.
            If they have them stopped for now, that’s good. And if it happens to happen again, go back in so they can stop them. I am sure they will be able to stop them until your babies are old enough to breathe on their own, and are strong enough. If they come early, you know how technology has become, your babies will be safe. Just keep thinking of the positive!
            Hope everything is still going alright!


              Things are not going so good. The contrations have started back and the dr has started steroid injections. I will receive them for 24 to 48 hours then he will deliver i am scared to death because they will be so early. Today makes 26 weeks and 1 day. SO please keep us in your prayers at least i know the babies and i are at a good hospital and that we will be taken care of.


                Awee, I am sorry that they have to come early. But the contractions must mean they just want to come out and meet their mommy!
                One things is, you will get to see your beautiful girls earlier (:
                I am glad you are at a good hospital where you know you will be well taken care of.
                I hope for the best! I will be thinking of all of you, good luck!
                Keep us updated.
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                  I am now the mom to 2 precious lil girls Alyssa Nicole and Isabella Cheyenne. They are doing good even though they were born early.


                    Please keep us updated on Isabelle <3
                    You guys are in my thoughts!!


                      Isabella didnt make it she passed away last night.


                        Awee, I am so sorry <3
                        Always thinking of you!!

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