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      I am almost 20 weeks pregnant with my second child and have been experiencing increasing amount of Braxton Hicks contractions. I get about seven a day and it happen when I’m not doing anything (sometimes even sleeping). I didn’t have this happen in my last pregnancy until a week before my son was born. Did anyone else experience this? I haven’t called my doctor yet because she tends to just brush things off so I want to make sure it’s something to really be concerned about before I demand her attention.


        Hey Taryn…my advice would be to call your doctor…and don’t take no for an answer…has this doctor had children?? If so has she forgotten what it is like to have concerns and to be told "don’t worry"…I am not a doctor so I can’t tell you whether you have reason to worry or not but it is always best to trust your maternal instinct…no one knows your body better than you do and you have been through pregnancy before and know what to expect…on that note I can tell you as a mom of two that my second pregnancy was way different…it could be that you are overdoing it..slow down a bit and put your feet up more…even if you are physically not doing a whole lot make your mind rest…call your doctor if you have concerns and tell her that if she wont see you that you will have to find a new doctor that will be more concerned for her/his patient…that is what I did with my first…my doctor was so mean to me…I was 19 and single…my moms fiance (one of my best friends) died in an accident I had a restraining order on the dad and then my om killed herself and I found her body…I had an appointment at 12:30pm I was taken back to my room where I waited for so long that I eventually fell asleep…I woke up at like 4:55pm and realized that they never came in to see me…I was emotionally unsound and a total mess…they left me in that room for over 4 hours…now I live in a town of like 17,000 people it is not like they were so slammed that they didn’t know I was there…tiny town…not alot of people at the same clinic..I got up to leave and when I left the room you should have seen his face…pale white..he realized that he had forgotten me…and he was aware of my circumstances…he told me to go back in and that he would be in in a moment….I listened…I was crying with the whole snot coming out of my nose thing going on and I had a very difficult time regaining composure…after all my whole life was falling apart and every time I closed my eyes all I could see was my mom in the state that I had found her in…this doctor told me to get a grip and to grow up and he told me "what do you want me to do…I’m not a pshychiatrist"…lets just say I got a new doctor…he listened, he cared and he understood me being worried and stressed about the baby he was smart enough to realize that I had good reason to worry about loosing her…he always took my calls or called me back the same day…and he delivered both of my kids…to this day I love and respect that man dearly and as often as I see him around town or when my friends have babies nad he is still there…I tell him that…if this lady doesn’t take care of you …find someone who will…you deserve to be taken seriously…I will pray for you and I hope all is well but make sure you get in to the doctor…don’t take no for an answer…Love Meg


          hi there
          i am a 20yo mum of two. i have had two very different regnancies with my kids. i have had a girl then a boy. my daughters pregnancy was perfect. i couldnt have asked for a better pregnancy (or a better baby lol) but my sons was very different

          i was always sick with my son and got braxton hicks very early. i cant say i got them as early as 20 weeks coz i dont remember but they were very very early. i went to see my doctor about them and there was nothing wrong. they said it was fine., i went to a couple of doctors to make sure and it was fine. i am not saying dont go to doctor because your case might be different to mine. i wouldnt worry about it too much but i would still go to the doctor to make sure. you dont want to stress your baby by stressing yourself but if i were you (and if i get them with my third which i am trying for now) i wouls be seeing the doctor for any odd pains.

          i hope all goes well for you. good luck



            ok, i don’t think you have anything to worry about…with my son i started gettin bh contractiond multiple times a day at just 10 weeks along…i went on to have him 2 days over due….with my first preg i started getting them a month before i had her…

            hope i helped ease your mind…if they get really strong or hurt i’d call your dr…or if your instincts just say hey this isnt right….just listen to your body…you will prob tell if someting is wrong. call your dr if you are concerned and make her listen ..your paying her if she doesn’t do her job why keep her.

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