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      Okay, so I’m seventeen. Right now I’m 10 weeks pregnant, completely unexpected, and I’m considering abortion. I’ve thought long and hard about keeping it, but I’ve come down to the decision that it would really be best to terminate it. I’m not religious at all, so none of that sort of stuff factors in for me at all.. I just worry that I’m going to regret it like so many other girls I’ve seen say they have. I feel like no matter what I do, I’ll wonder how things will have turned out if I would’ve made the other choice.
      At this point, it would be very hard if not impossible for me to raise a child. Financially, and just physically. I’ve grown up taking care of nieces and other young relatives since I was young, and I feel like I just need a break from that sorta thing. I want to be able to go to college, and eventually law school.. I want to be able to provide for my children and for them to grow up in a healthy environment.. My boyfriend and I are doing fairly well now, but who is to say we’ll be together a few months from now? Nothing is certain.. A part of me feels like so much would go bad for this child, that its not a good option to keep it. Also, I will not consider adoption at all because of the many many adopted kids I’ve known who were abused, even sexually.
      So I’m just wondering.. are there any of you out there that have had an abortion and still firmly believe you made the right decision? Is it possible that I can do this and not desperately regret it later? Sorry for the lengthy post, but thanks to anyone who replies.


        Hey there, I just wanted to write to you and hopefully encourage you in a few things. First here is a link to an image of what your baby looks like right now at 10 weeks, it truly is amazing, ,Second I want to share what I have seen from so many other girls, they end up pregnant and freak out, just like I did..LOL, then once they have calmed down they make the decision to keep their baby and that child gives them the drive and motivation to achieve their dreams, who says you cannot have this baby and finish law school? You may even qualify for grants and scholarships that others cannot just because of your baby. Your son/daughter could be in preschool by the time you go to college, they only stay babies for so long, being in school will decrease child care costs and that is a plus. When you are pregnant there are endless resources at your fingertips so I do not think finances should play a huge role in this decision. Even if you get an abortion who is to say you will still be in a relationship in a few months? Take a minute, clear your mind of everything, the finances, the schooling, the relationship, what does your heart say? You are already a mom, you have a life inside of you, do you want to enjoy the benefits of being a mom or do you want to be a mom to a baby that never got to feel the warmth of your love? There are so many children born to girls younger than you who have had not just healthy lives but great ones, go to this link and watch the video titled, she was 14, top right, ,this is a woman who was 14, you are 3 years older, if she could do it you can too!! I understand your situation but there is a better way to go than to abort YOUR child. Do not rob yourself of the joy that your own flesh and blood can give you, I love my kids, did I plan to have them young? No, did I plan to have them from different fathers and have a rough stretch of being a single mom? No, did it work out and was it worth it, YES!! I know you can do this…I am here and I hope you will keep us all informed on what you are going to do…Love Meg

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