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      ok so i had unprotected sex during june with my ex, who i split up with towards the end of august.. well since june ive had 2 light periods i dont think they were implatation bleeding because both lasted 5 my period is nearly 3 weeks late. i do get irregular periods sometimes but im thinking it might be more likely im pregnant, i had the symptoms like feeling really tired, bloated stomach,appetite loss then being really hungry, and my breasts appear to be getting bigger…

      although i took two pregnancy tests a few weeks ago wich were both negative so i dont know if i am pregnant? although if it wernt for the pregnancy tests being negative id feel pretty sure that i am..

      and then ive got the worry of telling my new bf ive only been with 3weeks and my family… :dry: i dont no what they would think because im not exactly financialy ready for a baby at all, but i dont think i could go through an abortion… 🙁 im 20 by the way. any advice would be great thanks x x


        heyyy my advice hun
        is to go and see your gp
        everythin is confidential….
        and if u are there are soo many people to support you that might just turn out that u have thought that u are pregnant so much that now your body thinks u are i have forgotten what this is called but it basically means that your body thinks your pregnant that would be why your having those symtoms

        the best thing to do is go to your gp
        good luck !!! x


          ok thanks…i will go see my gp im just really scared though because i dont think it is all in my head, but yes i have heard about phantom pregnancies..but i thought that happened if the person becomes obsesed with looking for symptoms or wanting so badly to be pregnant.which i definatly dont yet..

          i also feel really nauseus sometimes at random times of the day and my appetite is all over the place..also i have had slight cramps like i get before my period but still havent got it,and my belly feels slightly hard..i looked up on a site and have seen pics of pregnant bellys at different weeks and i would be about 3-4 months pregnant now and my belly definatly looks like some in the pics,especially because i normally have a flat stomach im a size 8 and never really put on weight easily.. but i will go see my gp to put my mind at ease well sort of :dry:


            right…well i havent been to gp yet as i work alot so have got to make time but i did get another hpt yestady,which came up negative..then in the evening i got what i assume is a period..?but its 3weeks late…my breasts feel sore and look bigger,and i still feel extremely tired all the time even though i have been getting lots of sleep,also for like the first time ever i had to get up twice in the night to go to the loo…and i never need to go at night,also have been needing the loo more frequently during the day and for the past few weeks ive been occasionly feeling really nauscious…and my appetite goes from extremes of not being able to face eating anything and some days i just feel starving all the time even if i havent long ago eaten! arrgghhh its all so confusing! any thoughts on this anyone? does it sound like i am pregnant? :S

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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