Confused not sure if pregnant any advice?

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      My last period was May 13, andmy next one was supposed to be June 5, Well it never came yet.. so its been about a week and a half. And I have a lot of symptoms like, Nausea, sore nipples, very tired, stomach bloated, frequent urination, food cravings and aversions, very emotional and the list goes on. But I took 5 test 2 last month around the 30th when the symptoms started and 1 yesterday morning also 2 around the begiining of this month but all of them came out negative.. but i think i could still be pregnant.. I mena i have all these symptoms.. Does anyone have any advice


        When I was in college I had a pregnancy scare. My period was very irregular but it had been 8 weeks since my last period and that was unusually long! I took two home pregnancy tests that came out negative but I wasn’t convinced so I made an appointment with the school health center. The doctor said that I was not pregnant and my period started the next day. Perhaps you might be pregnant, but if the tests are negative you might not be. You might want to see a doctor who could do a blod test which is more accurate and might be able to give other reasons for the change in your cycle if you are not pregnant. Best wishes.



          the doctor and blood test can assure if you are pregnant or not!


            well if u have all tha syptoms nd tha test come out negative then its probaly stres but ur best bet is to go tha doctor asap becuz u could be 1 month and dont want to belive it because i had tha same situation and me im here 2weeks pregnant so go to tha doctor asap



              Hi, I just read you post and sent one myself. I think we’re in the same boat. I too have been getting the symtoms but have had 3 HPTs including one from my doc and all negative. Now he wants to get me some blood tests… so go figure. I guess if we dont get any answers here then all we have on our side is time. As time progresses we’ll definitely know, sooner than later. I was just hoping to find out before father’s day, so I can make it a little bit more meaningful for my husband. You know what I mean? Good Luck to you!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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