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      I don’t know where to begin…eehhh… I think I’m pregnant. I am having stomach pain for almost three days. I haven’t seen my period for 10 days. my last period was on 31 october. I had sex on November 20. …I guess that it. I’m going to take a pregnancy test tomorrow. After that, I don’t know what to do.

      My parent will never ever ever allow this to happen to me. they will kill me even if they know I’m active sex. This would be devastating. I’m underage, 17. I don’t know what to do.


        Come back and let us know what the pregnancy result is, ok?
        If it is positive, don’t freak out. Just take it one step at a time.
        I hope it works out for you!
        And welcome to the site! 🙂


          Hey take a preggers test and let us know the results.


            hey! have u tested?:)


              Have you taken a test yet?


                I guess, I have two option. One is to fly to either NY or DC to terminate. I was told that you don’t need parent consent or notification to do it. the problem is my family won’t let me go even to a store without their permission. even if I have to fly to NY I need somebody to give me some info. btw, I live in Midwest.

                The second option which sounds impossible is notify parent or go to court …[sth like that]. I would rather jump off bridge than tell them. the jury thing is going to take longer, I guess. if you have some advise for me, drop it pls. ty.


                  Hey Girl,
                  I’m sorry to hear about this terrible situation you’re in. Do you know for sure that you are pregnant?

                  If you are, in fact, pregnant don’t stress out. You can do this! I just want you to know that you will be ok. I’m not sure that getting an abortion behind your parent’s back is a good idea. It it PAINFUL to tell the truth, but most of the time, telling the truth is the best situation.

                  If you have an abortion behind their back, just think about carrying that secret around with you for the rest of your life. I can’t imagine what that would even feel like.

                  An abortion is something that is not easily hidden. The truth of the matter is that your parents will eventually find out one way or the other. It’s hard to keep something that big a secret. When they find out they will have two things to be mad at you for. They will be mad that you got pregnant and mad that you had an abortion, but if you own up to it now and are honest with them, they will only be mad about being pregnant.

                  Telling your parents is hard, and they will most likely be very mad at first. But you are their daughter, so they will be angry, but they will not stay that way forever. In time they will get over it. Soon they will start to think about holding their grandchild in their arms and be happy that they have him or her.


                    ty for sharing but that was simply impossible. like I said, I would rather terminate myself. I don’t think most of you understand the situation I’m in. My parent are not an average american parent who understand this. In their backward culture[ immigrant], a girl can’t even go out without family. forget about dating or having bf. btw, I’m already 7weeks preg.


                      Hiiii – my name is Lisa and I read your Forum. I wanted to come to you from the perspective of having been down that road before. I totally understand your fear about your parents. My mom was pretty strict … but we lived with my grandmother. Believe it or not – she was the hard one and I was scared to death. So I chose to abort my baby.

                      Truly abortion may seem like the answer, but I promise you it is not. A few years after I had my abortion, I confessed it to my mom. She immediately put her hands over her face and cried. You see … I aborted the only grandbaby I could ever give her through me. Abortion hurt my insides and I am now, unable to have any children.

                      Please remember that abortion is FINAL! You said that you are 7 weeks pregnant. Do you realize that your baby is already fully formed and can even suck his/her thumb already. It’s amazing. Check out this photo:


                      I know that you are afraid … afraid to tell anyone for fear of what reaction you may get. I have a website that you can go to and also a toll free 800# you can call to just get yourself some local help. You could go to a nearby Crisis Pregnancy Home and have your baby there. There are so many people that would justlove to help you.

                      Here – let’s try this link:

                      800-395-HELP (4357)

                      Please don’t sacrifice your future happienss just because of fear. Read all the many stories on this site and see what other girls have gone through. The pain that is in their hearts after abortion. Because of a lost baby. Please remember, you have help all around you. OK?

                      Let us know how you are and what you find on that website. OK?

                      Luv Lisa


                        So sorry to hear sweetie. My best advice to you is to talk to your parents. You may not think they will understand, but even if they yell, I’m sure that you would want their support in whatever your decision might be.


                          its really hard what’s happend, but you have 7 months havent you love the baby in this time? its really scared and hard to face yours parents, but you have to do it, and believe in your self, that if you dont have them you will have you baby and yur baby always will have you, and some day he/she will be very proud of you

                          dont think that i dont know what im telling you, i will a mother for second time, a single mother for second time, and its hard the most hard thing to face your parents, your family and all the world around you, but when you see your babys face or how smille toyou, all this will be just away.

                          you can also can have the choose to give to adoption, you will make a family really happy, just think very well what you will do, try to choose the best for both, and let us know how are you doing


                            Why everybody is telling me the same thing. May be I haven’t explain myself(situation) well, or I come to wrong place. some of you are even telling me to have the baby, how sad. not b/c I hate baby or don’t want to have one, but it’s just impossible at this moment. Look, I’m not even 17 until January and I know I’m dependent on my family at least until I turn 18. I don’t know/have anyone that support me with this. If my family know my i’m active sex[forget pregnancy] they will not just kick me out but they will disown me. I don’t want to loose them. some of you may think I’m exaggerating, that’s the least they could do since the law of the land won’t let them do other horrible things.anyways,… i’m not going to waste much time trying to explain how my family see this situation since you guys seem don’t understand.



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