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      :blush: [b]My name is brittani im 15 and think im pregnant.. my boyfriend is 17 turnin 18 in september.. we have unprotected sex often and he told me that he cummed in me alittle.. and then the other day he said he did it alot.. i dont know if hes doin it on purpose or wat.. but its scaring me bcuz i might be pregnant now.. im goin to get a preg test today at this clinic.. i juss need some ? answered.. Can my mom make me give my baby up or make me get an abortion?? Can my mom get my boyfriend in trouble since he is almost 18 and i am only 15?? im soo confused i love my boyfriend and im afraid that if i am pregnant that my mom will ruin my life?? please help me


        Don’t feel bad.I am in the same situation myself.I am 14 and my boyfriend is 17.I will be 15 in January and he will be 18 in February.We are also both afraid that he will get into trouble.Your mom cannot make you get an abortion.Atleast I would hope not.I’m pretty sure that it is your own choice on whether you keep your child or not.I’m not an expert, but I would like to help.It depends on your state laws if your boyfriend can get in trouble or not.For my state, it would be considered rape, but the only way he would get in trouble is if my mother pressed charges.I doubt that I have helped you any, but I do wish you the best of luck.

        Love Always,


          Honey you really should always have protected sex, because it only takes one time to get pregnant. Now more information is needed about your cycle to determine if you were even fertile on the day of intercourse. On a regular 28 day cycle you would be most fertile 14 days after the first day of your last period, that should be the day that you ovulate, if sperm is present at the time of ovulation then fertilization can occur. Now keep it mind that sperm on average can live 3 days in the female body. If fertilization occurs then it takes the egg 7 to 12 days to travel down the fallopian tube and implant in the uterus. When implantation occurs is when the body starts realizing it is pregnant, then a home pregnancy test can be taken on the first day of your missed period.If you are not sure when you ovulated then take a test 14 days after you last had sex. If you are pregnant your mom can’t force you to get an abortion, if she takes you to a clinic they will ask you if you are here on your own free will…and if you say no they won’t do the abortion. She can’t force you to put your baby up for adoption either, they need the mothers consent. Now if you find that you are not pregnant, then you really should consider going on birth control for protection against pregnancy and don’t leave it up to your boyfriend to "pull out" because that doesn’t work. Stay safe and let us all know how you are doing.
          With Love,


            As you know sex comes with consequences; however you and your boyfriend should stop engaging in unprotected sex unless you too can the responsibility. Second you must learn when you are fertile becuause that will let you know the times you can concieve. And if you don’t like condoms you nedd to invest in birth control

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