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      hey…around august i had i was 15 weeks and 2 days…..i thought i would get over it even though i was forced but its been 10 months later….and it still hurts …i want my BABY back and i think iam ready this time even though i am just 16 ….i dont feel u can be too young to give love…and i am searching for a job and everything…and my boyfriend is 18 so i kno he can get i place….but at the same time i know my family will be mad at me if i get pregnant again and possibly turn their backs…but i tried getting over it and i cant…every time i see a young baby or a pregnant person its like i just break down on the inside and cant stop watching them…….
      i need some advice or suggestions or at least someone who is going through this…basically i just NEED HELP.


        well hon im kinda going through it i had a miscarrage at 15 weeks which was only 3 weeks ago tommorrow. and it hurts it is going to hurt for a long time but there is a light at the ned of the long tunnel i also didnt like to see bbays or ladys who were preg i dont have that feeling anymore just towards a friend of mines friend who is having a baby july 20th she has a 4 yr old n she dont want him half the time.i understand you want another baby before you try again you need to make sure your bf is going to be supportive esp if you dont think your parents will be make sure whatever you do n decide to do you stay in school with or without a baby its poss. im alot older than you im 29 but if you were my daughter n you came home preg at 1 st i might be mad but i would support you all the way.i have an 11 yr old daughter n i bel if she came home at 15 i wouldnt wack out as long as she finished school n wanted to work to help support her baby. if you need anyone to talk to dont hastate to go to my page n email me anytime hon n hugs to you it will get better.


          hi… i have never been pregnant myself but am wanting to be.your parents would feel this way becuase you r just r baby yourself in there eyes!!! there is more to life then having a baby at 16.they dont stay small forever n u dnt get to dress em up and parade them around for very long.i am only 17 nealry 18 myself and i kno wat to expect and im not saying you dont.but if your only wanting one bcos there cute then dont have one.i dont kno anything about your relationship but you need to make sure your man is going to stand by you the whole way.if you get pregant and your parents kick you out,where will you go??where will who get money to buy the things you need??how will you support a baby??you should make sure you have a house,money coming in that will alwasy be there then have a baby,not get pregnant n say wat happens happens…my bf and i have our own house,both working so i can support a not being mean or anything just saying that you should make sure of these things when your planning to have a baby..i know you want to fill that empty place inside your heart but make sure you can give your baby the life it needs and deserves first…good luck and let me kno how things go….daniella


            hey hun,
            I know that it probably hurts so much to lose a baby and having a new baby could fill the void in your heart that you’ve been feeling. But you should wait if you’re still in school. If you finish high school and then your boyfriend could have enough time to maybe get a really good job that pays well that he’s happy at. And then at least you could have a choice to go to post-secondary should you choose to later. My point is that while your still in school you should focus on things like graduating because that is what your baby would need. Steady income later on and if you don’t graduate then that would be very difficult. And it is possible to do it, But a word to the wise would be that you should finish high school first. I think that would be the smartest idea.


              hey I know the same feelings you have right now. I’m 20 years old right now and have a 22 month old daughter, but when I was 16 I got pregnant and felt a lot of pressure to get an abortion, my boyfriend at the time said he wasn’t ready, my mom was scared of my father’s reaction if he found out. I


                I know the pain and feelings you’re going through, I’m 20 years old now and have a 22 month old, but I would have had a four year old. When I was 16 i got pregnant, and I end up getting an abortion. I felt so much pressure, my boyfriend at the time said he wasn’t ready, my mom was scared of my father’s reaction if he found out, and I swore that I didn’t care of what they said or thought I wasn’t going to do it, but I end up giving in to it, I was 3 mths, and end up seeing the ultrasound, so after i did it it effected me emotinally, I cried for I don’t know how long, and end up going into a deep depression. I regreted it just as I do today. I always think if it was a girl or a boy. The only way I have been able to get over it or really forgive myself is bacause of God, other than that I would still be in a depressive state of mind. I was angry for a long time at my boyfriend and mom. Now i am pro life and am trying to start a minisrty to reach out to teen moms and teens who are pregnant who feel like they have no choice or feel pressured. There’s also a natinal baby shower program which helps out moms who are atruggling with buying diapers, clothes, formula,etc; it starts out 4 weeks before mother’s day, you can ask people to buy or donate these items and on mother’s day distribute it to a local crisis pregnancy center. just for anyone who wants to help. You can also go to, which is a ministry fighting for pro life. I hope and pray that you will make the best and wise desicion, the best advice I can give you is pray for God to give you a sound mind and peace, to take away the emotinal pain you’re going through right now, You should definitly finish school first, establish a firm foundation for your future child, so you don’t go through hardships if your family does turn their backs on you. I have a family member who got pregnant at 16 and was kicked out and literally on the streets, pregnant and hungry, so just think things thoroughly. Ne way I hope I helped you in any way. take care and God Bless.


                  Trust me, you do not want to have a baby yet. I had an abortion in 2005, 3 days before my birthday… my mom was my biggest influence along with many things. remember that you had a choice and you made the best choice that was there for you.. you chose your mothers support and you cant blame yourself or her for that. I got pregnant the year after my abortion and I chose to keep the baby… I moved out and I was 19… in university…. with a stable relationship that i had been in for 3 years… I gave birth at 26 weeks, to a beautiful and tiny lil girl. She passed five days after she was born.. My heart was shattered and still is… All I could thing was to get pregnant again.. but that is not the right choice… not for me nor for you.. we are just too young.. theres just more to life than that. The other day, I decided to go out for a few days fishin with my bf… and I did… but my sister in laws had to stay at home because of their children… they dont regret it because they are over 25 and it is time for them to watch their own children and they have lived their teen years.. I want you to understand that it is completely normal for young teenage girls to want to become a mother, it is just not intelligent to do it intentionally… although if it does happen, I dont suggest abortion. Goodluck hun

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