Confused and sad:(

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    princess Angela

      Hey everyone,

      I hav’nt been on here much since my abortion because i find it hard to be on here sometimes with all these people havin there babies and things my baby would be due in about a month now and i am finding it really hard the other day i broke down crying because i just couldn’t deal with it no more i really want another baby so badly but i dunno how to go about it…… i am really hopin my tests that i took are right and that if i take them again later it will come back positive with a much darker line…… i am really sad and dunno how to deal with it its like its happening all over again:(

      What do i do? someone help me?
      Love angela


        I’m not getting your hopes up but im 100% positive that ur tests will be right as there would be no other way that 2 can be false unless you read them after 5mins which would then give u an inaccurate reading. Good Luk darlz.. Keep us posted


          i know how you feel i just had a miscarrage at 15 weeks 2 weeks ago n i cant stop feeling upset mad n all kinds of feelings i find it hard to see preg women or women with babys sometimes,i want another one to not yet though but trust me its ok to want so how did your test go let me know. n good luck.


            it ok to want caz am in the same situation i had one at 15 weeks and 2 days….and its hard coming on here but i also love it caz its like me imagining oh hey that could have been my baby and then i get sad….but ur not alone i want my BABY back and i feel i am ready this time even though i am only 16…you can never be too young to give love

            princess Angela

              I havnt taken another test as i got my period and really didnt see a need i no u can get your preiod at the start but im unsure as to wheather i should take another one or not i just assume i wasnt pregnant.

              What should i do now?


                well…get a blood test done, seriously.
                the doctor can help you and tell you everything 🙂



                  I’m really sorry to hear about your abortion and the way it’s making you feel.
                  I know you really want another baby, but be careful you don’t have one just to make yourself feel better. Remember, every life is sacred and should be born out of love and nothing else. I know you feel bad and I don’t know if you’re religious in any way, but try turning to God. If you’re truly sorry He will forgive you and then you can start forgiving yourself. Then you might not feel so bad which means you may not feel you need another child right now but instead can wait and do it properly in a loving relationship once you’re married, then you’ll be giving your child the best gift possible – life in a loving family relationship. As you and lots of other people on here know, don’t rush into making big decisions. Really think them through and examine your conscience and then try and do what you know deep down is right, even if it’s not what you want right now. You won’t regret it in the long run.
                  I hope this helps

                  God Bless

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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