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      I’m 19 years old and I think I’m pregnant by a not so close, friend of mine… I don’t know what’s goin on right now… At the end of April my birth control ran out and I was too busy with school and life to make a gyno. appt. and get a new perscription (I thought since I wasnt sexually active anymore, and the only reason why I took it was for regulation) that going off of it for a while wouldnt be a big deal, since I was really stressed w/ exams, and eventually just totally forgot to make the appt. Well, I was wrong…

      I dont remember if I got my period at all during the month of May, or if I was even supposed to have gotten it… but oops, May 22nd rolls around, and I drunkenly (and unprotectedly) had sex w/ a 24 year old friend of mine (who we most likely will never have a bf/gf relationship with… but maintain an alright friendship)… and since I was drunk, I dont really remember if he cummed inside of me…

      That was almost 3 weeks ago… and I still havent gotten my period… I’ve still been somewhat stressed out lately (and I know that can alter things) but I just don’t know what to do if it turns out I really am pregnant… I never really thought that I could mess up that badly… I’m 19 years old, and will be a sophomore in college in the fall… and the more I try not to think about it… the more stressed out and upset I get… I know I have to call my doctor, but I really just dont WANT to know either (I’m making the call to my gyno sometime later today for an appt. on friday (my day off of work) to see what’s up…)

      I’m just really lost, b/c I’m also contemplating if I would have an abortion (I’ve always spoken out against it, saying I never would want one… even though I’m pro-choice on a woman’s part) but now I’m thinking, maybe it really isnt such a bad idea (And I’m doing all of this before I even know if I’m pregnant or not…) I really just dont know who to turn to…

      Help! :unsure:


        First I want to say that I’m not some crazy anti-abortion person, but before you consider that I would take a look at some of the pictures of abortions out there before you consider it. I know you are probably thinking this way because you’re scared and this isnt how you planned your life out. Just think of it this way. You aren’t in high school anymore and you are an adult so pregnancy isnt the end of the world. Have you taken a pregnancy test yet? Do you have any symptoms (just so you know a doctor once told me that most women dont get symtoms until about 6 weeks into the pregnancy).


          DONT get an abortion read these girls stories and see how it affected them. Take a pregnancy test and know there is always adoption.


            First off, relax. Your doing the right thing by calling your doctor. I’m sure it’s just stress and coming off the pill that made you miss your period. But if you are IT’S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!
            Let me tell you little story. It’s about a girl i work with. She got pregnant when she was 12!!!! 12 years old. i don’t know about you but i sure as hell didn’t even really know about sex back then. i had just gotten my period when i was 12! But anyways she didn’t tell anyone, not her friends, not a brother or sister, not even her parents. She went into labor at school and they called her parents. Well she gave birth to a baby boy. (he wasn’t all that healthy from lack of prenatal care) She went on to complete high school. She was the Valedictorian (sp?) or her school and got a full scholorship to college and got her college degree. She is 23 now and her son is 10. she is doing great!!
            What i’m trying to say is just because your pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t finish school and do everything you wanted to do. Actually know you have more motivation than ever. You HAVE to finish college so you can get a good job and support your child.Catch my dift? When i found out i was pregnant the first time i was a senior in high school. I never went ot school!! Ever!! When i found out i was pregnant i went everyday (untill i was put on bedrest). I knew i had to make my life better. Not for me but for my baby! Most colleges have free daycare for childern 6weeks to 5 years old. You’ll be out of college before they baby turns five.
            And abortion isn’t the answer! It’s murder! You can always choose adoption if you really really really can’t do it!
            If you ever need anyone to talk to i’m here for you!


              Hi, um, I’m 17 and I think I may be pregnant…I was just wondering, how in the world can both me and my boyfriend finish college if I am? I’m just about to start my senior year and he’s about to start his freshman year in college. We both have to finish school…please give me some advice…I would love it if you could email me actually. Thanks guys! :sick:


                hey there, i was in somewhat the same situation with birth control. i had my last period april 11th and stopped taking it that day. i went the rest of april and may with no period, and finally got it on june 6th. so you may not even be pregnant. good luck though, keep us updated.


                  First off I want to thank everyone who responded… it means the world to me that people I dont even know, really do care.

                  Secondly, I think the only reason I even thought of having an abortion, was because I was really really scared about everything… and if I had an abortion, I wouldnt have to tell anyone… not my parents, not any of my other friends, not even the guy…

                  Thirdly, I took an EPT home pregnancy test (the digital read out one) and it said I wasnt pregnant… I’m really relieved… I haven’t made that doctors apt. though, I’m goin to hold off another week or so in case anything changes. I mean, even if I’m not pregnant, I cant start birth control again until I get my period… so I’d have to wait until then to renew my perscription.

                  Lastly, I agree with everyone who said NOT to have an abortion… I dont think I ever would have been able to live with myself, because one day I do want children, and that image of the abortion would be stuck in my head forever… I would always think to myself… "You could have had an older brother or sister…" to my children…
                  Not to mention, who would have known if it was 100% completely safe, accidents do happen… I have heard of cases where girls my age have gone into having an abortion, and there ended up being scar tissue that prevented them from being able to have children in the future too…

                  So thank you everyone once again… I will definately post if anything changes… I know now that even though it may have seemed like the end of the world… a child is never the end, but the beginning. I may have disappointed my parents a little if I ended up being pregnant, but I know that having a precious little baby boy or girl would have washed away any disappointment and ended up bringing a whole lot of love into the family.

                  Thanks again 🙂 :kiss:


                    I am Bi-polar 1, what is the percentage rate that the baby will have heart defects? :ohmy: :ermm:


                      Miach- It’s not the end the world. First of all if you are pregnant you’ll have the baby by the time you graduate high school. You will get sooooo much money from the government to go to college!! And you’ll get free daycare while you’re at school. Discounted or free aparment. My one of my friends is on a waiting list to get her apartment for free, while my other friend gets hers half off!!! people do it everyday and so can you!!

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